Woelvliet - an iconic farm dating back to the 17th century - is situated along the road from Haastrecht to Oudewater. For many generations farmers milked their cows here and made butter and cheese. The well-preserved churn in the yard is a memory of those days.

Pieter and Elles Maaijen are the third generation of the family Maaijen who live and work on this farm. In 2012 they decided to change course. The dairy cows were replaced with young cattle and sheep, leaving the old cowsheds to be converted into two comfortable holiday homes. The accommodation “De Groene Hartelijkheid” was born.

‘We live here with a magnificent panoramic view of the meadows, willows and ditches which are so typical to this countryside. Far too beautiful to keep to ourselves, we thought, so we decided to let others share in the vastness of our land and enjoy the beauty. We love a little commotion and enjoy watching our guests idling between the cows and chickens or relaxing on the terrace or in the playing field.’